Seminary Committed To Nurturing Vocations

Posted by svsadm3037 on 01/04/11

At Saint Vincent Seminary, we are committed to nurturing vocations to the priesthood. While our primary role is to provide a sound formation program to those who have already made the decision to follow God’s call, we also feel a responsibility to foster vocations for the dioceses which we serve.

One way in which we can do this is to work cooperatively with the dioceses on programs such as “Quo Vadis”. Literally translated, this phrase means “where are you going.” Quo Vadis is an intense, yet enlightening program designed to expose young high school and college men to Seminary life and to provide them with information on the priesthood. In this way, Saint Vincent Seminary, with its beautiful campus and excellent professors, can work proactively to help grow the number of vocations in the areas in which we serve.

If you have been considering a gift to the Seminary, there is no better time than now to assist us in this effort. Quo Vadis is just one example of the many ways in which your charitable gift can help Saint Vincent Seminary, and ultimately the Church at large, to enhance the number of priests who are available to serve God’s holy people. The Church is projecting an increase in priestly vocations in the very near future. Clearly, this is tremendous news!



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