Seminarians: Devout, Sincere, Committed

Posted by svsadm3037 on 01/04/11

As the Director of Development for Saint Vincent Seminary and Archabbey, I am honored by the responsibility to assist in fundraising for this wonderful place, a place that has remained dear to my heart since my days here at the college from 1978–1982.

Saint Vincent Seminary has been training priests for many years: 2469 men have been ordained for the sacred role of ministry to God’s Church right here. I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of the young men studying here. When I think of the men I’ve come to know, a few key adjectives come to mind: Devout, Sincere, Committed.

They come to us from all over the United States, and frequently from the far reaches of the world! Several of our seminarians are here from Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam, France and other countries. Saint Vincent is training priests from many dioceses including Pittsburgh, Covington, Atlanta, Steubenville, and Savannah, among others. In addition, Benedictine monks also train here. Many Benedictine Abbeys are represented by our student body, including monks from Saint Vincent Archabbey itself.

The road to the priesthood is a long and a difficult one, but the fruits of their labor are many once ordained.





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