Director of Development periodically blogs about topics of interest to Saint Vincent donors. 

Alumni Day Paid Tribute To Board Members, Jubilarians

Posted by svsadm3037 on 01/10/12
 The annual Seminary Alumni Day celebration, held on Monday, September 19th, was a tremendous event and I hope that you had a chance to participate in the Mass, dinner festivities or both. This year, the Seminary paid tribute to longtime members of the Seminary Board of Regents—Donald Cardinal Wuerl and Mr. John C. Marous, Jr.

Planning for Alumni Day Begins

Posted by svsadm3037 on 07/20/11
It is mid-July and we are already busy planning for the Fall Semester and all of our traditional Fall events for the Seminary. As many of you know, each year the Seminary hosts "Alumni Day" where we pay special tribute to all of the Saint Vincent Seminary Alumni who are actively serving the Church. Each year we also recognize the Jubilarians who are celebrating special anniversaries in their lives as priests, brothers and deacons.

Investing in a Declining Economy: Where to Turn

Posted by svsadm3037 on 01/28/11
The stock market is as uncertain as ever. Interest rates are approaching all-time lows. Some experts claim that a recession is near. Others say that we are already in its midst. We are continuously bombarded with bad news regarding Housing, Sub-Prime Lending, Unemployment, and even the Banking sector of the U.S. market.As an investor, or even a net depositor of funds, what options do you have to ensure a safe, yet wise investment?

Energy, Enthusiasm, Hope In The Church Today

Posted by svsadm3037 on 01/04/11
As a layperson in the Catholic Church, I often hear from my friends and acquaintances of the problems with the Church. We are continuously bombarded with negativity on television, in the newspapers, and yes, even in casual conversation. I’m sure that many of you hear the same kinds of things, and sometimes it becomes difficult (or tiring) to argue. The temptation to buy in to such thinking is always present, and sometimes we need a “booster shot” to remind ourselves of the good in the Church.

Seminary Committed To Nurturing Vocations

Posted by svsadm3037 on 01/04/11
At Saint Vincent Seminary, we are committed to nurturing vocations to the priesthood. While our primary role is to provide a sound formation program to those who have already made the decision to follow God’s call, we also feel a responsibility to foster vocations for the dioceses which we serve.

Seminarians: Devout, Sincere, Committed

Posted by svsadm3037 on 01/04/11
As the Director of Development for Saint Vincent Seminary and Archabbey, I am honored by the responsibility to assist in fundraising for this wonderful place, a place that has remained dear to my heart since my days here at the college from 1978–1982.

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