Grades are recorded by the following letter system; grade points are used to compute averages. 


A 96-100 Superlative Accomplishment GPA 4.0
A- 90-95 Excellent Accomplishment GPA 3.67
B 86-89 Good Accomplishment GPA 3.0
B- 80-85 Acceptable Accomplishment GPA 2.67
C 76-79 Satisfactory Accomplishment GPA 2.0
C- 70-75 Unsatisfactory Accomplishment GPA 1.67
F 0.00: 0-69 Inadequate Accomplishment  0

The Grade Expectations* which are the standard for all academic work done at Saint Vincent Seminary: The following descriptions are intended to help all faculty members to grade a student’s performance based on common expectations for each level of grading. These descriptions are meant to give general expectations and are not meant to be exhaustive. They are also intended to help students to know the quality of work expected for each grade. Therefore, all applicable expectations at each level should be considered when grading a student’s work.

A Superlative Accomplishment – (Highest Honors-Level Work); the student’s work is above and beyond the normally expected work for excellence. The student has demonstrated a quality of work and accomplishment far beyond the normal requirements and shows originality of thought and mastery of material; factually almost faultless; authoritative knowledge of material; strong evidence of outside reading/research; significant elements of originality, synthesis, integration, and independent thought; stellar academic performance.

A− Excellent Accomplishment – (High Honors-Level Work): the student successfully fulfilled all requirements and expectations of learning; displays in-depth understanding of material; comprehensive coverage of topic; good evidence of outside reading/research; originality of thought or approach. Student performance indicates overall control of the subject matter and the ability to apply principles with intelligence, synthesis, integration, and independent thought; no major errors. The work exceeds most requirements.

B Good Accomplishment – (Honors-Level Work): the student’s achievement exceeds acceptable accomplishment, showing a clearer indication of initiative, comprehension of material, and the ability to work with concepts; factually sound (few major or minor factual errors); thorough understanding of material; evidence of relevant outside reading/research; some originality of thought or approach; regular use of effective logical thinking, critical analysis and judgment. The student’s work is suitably focused and meets all requirements.

B− Acceptable Accomplishment – Good Work: the student has met all expected standards of learning, but not at the honors level. This grade signifies acceptable performance of the course or grade level objectives. This work satisfies all of the requirements of the question/research task, exam; shows the capability to think beyond the task by relating it to other areas of knowledge in or outside of the course; is neatly presented and shows above-average use of academic English. The work does, however, contain several minor flaws or only one major flaw.

C Satisfactory Accomplishment – Passing Work: the student’s accomplishment, while passing in most cases, is deficient. Minimum requirements have been met but without distinction; worthy effort, but undistinguished outcome. The work is essentially correct, possibly missing important points, but no serious errors; good understanding of material but tending to be descriptive in approach; limited evidence of outside reading/research. It is competently structured thoughts and writing, reasonably well focused, but some weaknesses in expression/presentation; possibly using large amounts of quotations in written work or essays and does not engage them.

C− Unsatisfactory Accomplishment – Marginal Work: the student’s accomplishments in most cases are weak and sporadic; the student’s assimilation and comprehension of basic concepts and fundamental materials is minimal. Displays only limited understanding of material; incomplete coverage of issues in written work or class discussions, or exams; some significant factual errors and/or irrelevancies; entirely descriptive in approach. Written work is poorly structured; lacks of coherent argument; is difficult to follow. Uses excessive amounts of quotations in written work and does not engage them.

F Inadequate Accomplishment – Unacceptable Work: this student has not met the expected level of academic achievement for Seminary and Graduate studies; the student has not met the minimum learning requirements. There is evidence of inadequate effort, motivation, and/or academic or intellectual ability to assimilate and integrate what is being taught or read; many serious errors / misconceptions / omissions / irrelevancies in class contributions or written work and exams. The student uses excessive amounts of quotations in written work or essays and does not engage them.

* On all grade levels, a student’s ability to use proper English spelling, grammar, composition, and the approved Seminary Style for academic papers should be included in the final grade of each exam, paper, and oral presentation.

To achieve Degree Honors for Graduation:
To achieve Degree Honors (for graduation), the cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) expectations are:
Honors = 3.50 High Honors = 3.75 Highest Honors = 3.90

Students that receive an F grade are responsible for repeating the course or they will not earn a degree. For Master of Divinity students only, due to the difficulty of scheduling repeat courses, students may need to take an equivalent course through an approved distance learning program or another accredited institution during the summer. Students must receive approval from the Academic Dean prior to enrolling in any credits taken and transferred from another institution for a failed course.

Other Grading Symbols
G Incomplete. A grade of incomplete may be given by the faculty member for sufficient reasons. An incomplete course must be completed within one month of the beginning of the following semester or the grade becomes an F. An extension of time may be granted by the Academic Dean and Instructor.
IP Course in Progress
P Pass. The student passed the course with at least the equivalent of a “C-” (1.7 or 70%) or better. Credit is given, but grade points are not.
T Transfer course. Credit is given for transfer work, from another, accredited institution, but grade points are not.
X Audit. No credit or grade points are given for auditing a course.
W Withdrawal

Withdrawal Failing. Withdrawal from courses is official only if done through the Academic Dean’s Office. Deadlines on withdrawals are indicated on the academic calendar. Failure to withdraw from a course officially will normally result in the student receiving a failing grade in the course. Refunds are based on the date recorded on official withdrawal forms. A “W” on the transcript has no effect on the grade point average. A “WF” on the transcript is computed in the grade point average.


Grade Point Average

Records are evaluated through a grade point average (GPA). This average is obtained by dividing the total number of credits taken on a letter-grade basis into the grade points earned.


A cumulative GPA of 3.50 constitutes honors, 3.75 constitutes high honors and 3.90 constitutes highest honors.



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