Nova et Vetera Award for Outstanding Service by a Seminary Faculty Member   Criteria (to be applied by the Academic Dean in choosing recipient):
  • Long and meritorious service to the Seminary;
  • Record of teaching effectiveness;
  • Service to students and community;
  • Publications;
  • Research;
  • Creative work;
  • Professional activities;
  • Recommendation by faculty, staff and student body.
The faculty also adopted the following resolution in regard to the frequency of the award: Be it resolved that the award Nova et Vetera be given to an outstanding faculty member on oc­casions determined by the faculty and following the criteria so approved. The recipient will be chosen by the Dean. These awards are given at Seminary Commencements.
Diakonia Award for Student Service  Criteria (to be applied by the faculty in choosing recipient):
  • Normally a member of the graduating class;
  • Outstanding academic performance;
  • Service to the community by contributing to student morale and spirit;
  • Leadership;
  • Recommendation by the student body;
  • Creative outreach;
  • One full year of study (full-time or part-time in ordination and/or degree programs) com­pleted at Saint Vincent Seminary.
Students may be nominated by students, faculty members or the Rector’s Council, either orally or in writing.
Sacred Scripture Award Members of the Sacred Scripture faculty nominate and vote for a graduating student who has ex­celled in the study of Sacred Scripture.
Omer U. Kline, O.S.B., Homiletics Award The Rector’s Council chooses a fourth-year student who has excelled in preaching during his fourth year of study.
The Honorable Judge Bernard Scherer Award Criteria (to be applied by the faculty in choosing recipient):
  • Normally a member of the graduating ordination class;
  • The student who most exemplifies the qualities admired in Judge Scherer, i.e., breadth of learning, knowledge which allowed him to integrate theology and the life of the People of God with academic areas and his own professional life;
  • A student who demonstrates wisdom, the ability to see the interconnectedness of all life and the practice of the corporal works of mercy, with particular attention to the needy, and who demonstrates discretion and self-effacement in performing these works;
  • witness to the faith and a hope-filled attitude;
  • Consideration not only of a student’s G.P.A. but also his “desire for learning” and love of God.


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