Issues in 1999

1999-1 Winter-Spring Leaven

Seminary graduate Father Joseph P. Traynor uses sign language during Mass at the Church of the Resurrection in Clymer so that a deaf couple is able to "hear" the word of God each week. Frank V. Cahouet and James V. Maher, Jr., were named to the Seminary Board of Regents, Father Demetrius R. Dumm, O.S.B., was the commencement speaker and the 1998 annual report was included with this issue.
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1999-2 Summer Leaven

The appointment of a new development director made the cover of Leaven along with the ordination to the diaconate of 33 men from the Pittsburgh Diocese, who studied at Saint Vincent through a cooperative program with the diocese and the Seminary. Other news included the appointment of Father Patrick T. Cronauer, O.S.B., to the Seminary faculty, photos of ordinations, a commencement 1999 wrap-up, and alumni news.
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